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Staff Directory

Staff Name Role Contact E-Mail Class Website
Anderson, Shauna French Teacher sanderso@psdschools.org Learning Page
Bayer, Sarah Secondary Teacher sbayer@psdschools.org Learning Page
Berney, Jennifer Humanities Instructor jberney@psdschools.org
Berthold, Bridget Integrated Services Teacher bberthold@psdschools.org
Biller, Mark Secondary Teacher mbiller@psdschools.org Learning Page
Birdsall-thomas, Kaitlyn Secondary Teacher, Elementary Teacher kbirdsallthomas@psdschools.org Learning Page
Brown, Ira Technology Site Assistant ibrown@psdschools.org PSD Tech Hub
Connelly, Colton Integrated Services Teacher cconnelly@psdschools.org
Devoe, Pamela Office Manager pdevoe@psdschools.org
Eades, Jason Integrated Services Paraprofessional jeades@psdschools.org
Erickson, Cynthia High School Counselor cerickso@psdschools.org
Ernest, Alicia Elementary Teacher aernest@psdschools.org Alicia's Learning Page
Faulkner, Jasmine Music Teacher jasminef@psdschools.org YouTube Channel for the Polaris Music Classroom
Flores, Jennifer Elementary Teacher jsmith@psdschools.org Learning Page
Flynn, Stephanie Secondary Teacher sflynn@psdschools.org Learning Page
Forster, Patrick Assistant Principal pforster@psdschools.org
Gates, Maureen Paraprofessional maureeng@psdschools.org
Gerdes, Jeannie Front Office Assistant/ Registrar jgerdes@psdschools.org
Grindel, Mikole Secondary Teacher mgrindel@psdschools.org Learning Page
Grindel, Ryan Secondary Teacher rgrindel@psdschools.org Learning Page
Gusinde, Denise Elementary Teacher dgusinde@psdschools.org Learning Page
Hapner, Brittany Elementary Teacher bhapner@psdschools.org Learning Page
Hayes, Brajaan Secondary Teacher bhayes@psdschools.org
Hill, Starr Principal shill@psdschools.org
Kaminski, Andrew Custodial akaminsk@psdschools.org
Marshburn, Karen School Psychologist kmarshbu@psdschools.org
Melahn, Liz Secondary Teacher emelahn@psdschools.org Learning Page
Meunier, Kathryn Counselor kmeunier@psdschools.org Learning Page
Moulder, Laura Secondary Teacher lmoulder@psdschools.org
Noel, Tom Elementary Teacher tnoel@psdschools.org Learning Page
Reardon, Angela Technology Site Assistant areardon@psdschools.org
Renner, Phoebe Integrated Services Paraprofessional prenner@psdschools.org
Reyes, Saúl Secondary Teacher sreyes@psdschools.org
Schmidt, Jeffrey Elementary Teacher, Secondary Teacher jeffreys@psdschools.org Learning Page
Shaffer, Tamara Elementary Teacher tshaffer@psdschools.org Learning Page
Siddens, Julie Elementary Teacher jsiddens@psdschools.org Learning Page
Strand, Matt Secondary Teacher mstrand@psdschools.org Learning Page
Turner, Melissa Elementary Teacher mturner@psdschools.org Learning Page
Wiesner, Aaron Secondary Teacher awiesner@psdschools.org
Wolverton, Nicholas Secondary Teacher nwolverton@psdschools.org Learning Page
PSD does not unlawfully discriminate on the basis of race, color, creed, religion, national origin, ancestry, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, marital status, veteran status, age or disability in access or admission to, or treatment or employment in, its programs or activities. A lack of English speaking skills will not be a barrier to admission or participation.