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Colton Connelly

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Colton Connelly grew up steadfast in the Texas hill country. This natural environment had a profound and everlasting impact on him while spending endless days canoeing the Guadalupe river, trudging creek beds and exploring county roads. His elementary years inspired him to care for others and eventually to become a teacher.

Colton earned his bachelor's degree from The University of Texas at San Antonio, which led him to volunteer in the Peace Corps. Upon returning home, his path towards becoming a teacher set sail. He moved to rural Thailand to teach English to 2nd-6th grade students. He has now been teaching special education for five years and loves every day. When not in the classroom, Colton can be found on his bike, hiking, or enjoying mother nature.

Colton has a lovely family including his wife Errin, his daughter Scout (5 years), his son Lachlan (2 years) and golden doodle Emmett and poodle Ollie.

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