Expeditionary Learning School

Polaris Community

The parents at Polaris are very involved in the school. when considering all of our grade levels, Polaris has some of the the most active parent volunteers in the district . Our elementary and secondary parent organizations represent the parent community and help support the staff through fund-raising and organizing events. 

Parents help with adventure, fieldwork and intensives. Intensives are fun for students and parents. Intensives are where students spend a week learning about topics such as computers, music, art, adventure and the other exciting options. We love to have our parents participate, drive, chaperone, and lend their personal expertise to these experiences.

Fieldwork days are one day opportunities for students to be out in the community applying what they have learned in class and parents are always needed to help create these learning experiences and provide transportation.

Adventure trips take students out of Fort Collins and are designed to extend learning beyond the classroom. Once again, parents are needed to help chaperone and provide transportation.

These are all great opportunities for parents to become involved in an active community.  Contact the front office for more information.