We Are Crew, Not Passengers!

Presentations of Learning (POLs)

A presentation of learning (POL) is a tradition for 8th, 10th, and 12th graders.  Student create a 20-30 minute presentation of their growth as a person and a learner over the past two to three years.  The emphasis of these presentations is not strictly academic.  They can be creative, and students can share any accomplishments that helps their audience understand their growth.

A POL is a rite of passage - a stepping stone into the next phase of a student’s academic career. Presenting students develop a POL portfolio that includes products from the previous two years as evidence of this growth.  They also work closely with a teacher who coaches them on how to prepare and polish their presentation.  

On the big day, each student presents their POL to a panel.  A panel is a formal audience of 3-6 people that may consist of peers, older students, graduates, teachers, parent volunteers, school board members, and professors.  

After the presentation, panel members ask questions and then the Crew leader determines whether or not the presentation meets the rubric requirements.  POLs are powerful because they push the student to reflect on who they are, what they have learned, and where they are headed.  

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