We Are Crew, Not Passengers!

Alicia Ernest

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About Me

What inspired you to get into the field of education?: 

While teaching courses at CSU, I observed how students' success was directly related to owning their own learning, knowing which resources were available and how to access their resources, and feeling like valuable, active, and contributing participants in the ongoing scholarly conversation. I believe that these productive mindsets begin when we are much younger and I now get to offer the opportunity to practice these on a daily basis in various contexts in the elementary classroom. 

What’s the most rewarding part of your job?: 

I am a life-long learner and everyday I have the opportunity to learn with and from my students!

General background information (years in education, degree(s), Universities/Colleges attended): 

  • MA in Communication Studies with focuses in Postructural Psycoanalytic Discourse Theory, Critical Cultural Theory, and Media Theory; CSU.
  • BA in Foreign Language Studies (French, Navajo, Japanese);Fort Lewis College.
  • Teaching License; UNC.


When I am not in the classroom… I love to read with my two daughters and spend time with them outside. I coach Mountain Biking for Sendtown. I like to attend and speak at academic conferences and actively participate in professional learning communities. I like to mountain bike, trail run, practice and study yoga philosophy, play lawn games, and read, read, read (esp. theory). Most of all, I love to learn and share that love of learning with my students. I’m so happy to be here! 

Thought Provoking Quote: 

I only have one language, yet it is not mine. -- Derrida, Writing and DIfference, 1978

My Classroom

Courses Taught: 

I teach 4/5 and couldn't be happier!

About My Classroom: 

  • Our classroom is dominant in student-led learning. 
  • We practice a growth mindset at every opportunity. 
  • We study and practice community building communication.
  • We hold Friendship Circle as a 4/5 crew every week.
  • We collaborate with CSU and participate in the Public Achievement program (student-driven, citizen-building, service-oriented).
  • We celebrate mistakes as opportunities for growth.
  • Math is a combination of Workshop 2.0, Socratic Seminar, Project-based learning, and Guided Math.
  • We investigate our academic, social, and emotional strengths and challenges in order to support our growing identity and our community identity.
  • A love of the intricacies of language is woven through everything we do.
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