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Mikole Grindel

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About Me

What inspired you to get into the field of education?: 

I have played 'school' since I was a child. Being a teacher was always a part of me. 

What’s the most rewarding part of your job?: 

I love working with kids. It allows me to be silly and adventurous. I get to mentor and perform. I value facilitating deep thought and I love getting my mind blown when students share thoughtful and unique insights on the world that adds to my understanding. 

General background information (years in education, degree(s), Universities/Colleges attended): 

I have a bachelors degree in English from the University of Oregon and my masters in teaching from Southern Oregon University. I have completed the administrators licensor program at Colorado State University. In 2006, I received a Fulbright to travel and study in India. 


My hobbies are very seasonal. I love gardening, hiking and camping in the summer and snowboarding when the weather is cold. Yoga and reading are my anytime pleasures!

My Classroom

Courses Taught: 

7th/8th grade Social Studies- Current World Affairs

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