We Are Crew, Not Passengers!


Fieldwork at Polaris is defined as “having a clear purpose that furthers the work of a learning expedition.” So, while a typical field trip may be time outside a classroom for a student, it may not be connected to what they are doing inside the classroom. Fieldwork requires there to be a connection. For example, the older elementary students may visit Buena Vista for Eco Week while the younger students take a walking tour of Old Town as part of their geography study. However, the term fieldwork is used to describe not just off campus visits. It can be going outside to take the temperature, as the younger students have done with their teachers at lunch. This real-world work is crucial to teaching and learning at our school. 

Below is a list of the various single-day Fieldwork experiences students engaged in across the K12 spectrum.  Please know that this document does NOT include our Intensive Weeks at the secondary level.  

Avery Park 8/27/2018
Cottonwood Glen Park 8/31/2018
City Park, Walrus Ice-cream, Polaris 8/31/2018
City Park 8/31/2018
Bean Cyclery then The Lyric then Polaris 8/31/2018
Red Fox Meadows 8/31/2018
Gardens on Spring Creek 9/18/2018
Red Fox Meadows 9/21/2018
Villages on Redwood apartments 9/27/2018
Lincoln Center 9/28/2018
Phantom Canyon 9/28/2018
CSU 10/1/2018
SART Peers Training at PSD Partnership 10/1/2018
City Park 10/2/2018
Timberline Church- Leadership Summit 10/5/2018
University Center for the Arts (CSU) 1400 Remington, 80524 10/5/2018
Grandview Cemetery 10/11/2018
Red Fox Meadows 10/12/2018
Fort Collins Museum of Discovery 10/26/2018
Old Town Public Library 10/26/2018
Horsetooth Mountain Park 10/30/2018
Discovery Museum 11/2/2018
Old Town Public Library 11/2/2018
CSU Lory Student Center 11/6/2018
UNC Greeley 11/8/2018
King Soopers 11/13/2018
Avery Park 11/16/2018
Red Fox Meadows Natural Area 11/20/2018
CSU Engineering Research Center and Campus 11/29/2018
Bas Bleu Theatre 12/3/2018
Bas Bleu Theatre 12/4/2018
Foothills/Horsetooth reservoir 12/5/2018
Fort Collins Museum of Art 12/14/2018
Fort Collins Museum of Art 12/14/2018
Red Fox Meadows 12/17/2018
Chippers lanes Horsetooth 12/20/2018
Poalris & Lyric Cinema 12/20/2018
Rescued Friends 1409 Grey Rock Drive Fort Collins, CO 80524 12/20/2018
EDORA Pool and Ice Center 12/20/2018
Mulberry Pool 12/20/2018
The Farm at Lee Martinez Park 12/20/2018
Lyric + Exchange 12/20/2018
AMC classic movie theater 12/20/2018
Golden Peaks Nursing Home and EPIC Swimming Pool 12/20/2018
Sylvan Dale Ranch 12/20/2018
Butterfly Pavillion 1/10/2019
Avery Park 1/10/2019
CSU MS Defy Expectations Conference 1/11/2019
Lincoln MS 1/15/2019
Lincoln MS 1/16/2019
Timberline Church 1/17/2019
Lincoln center 1/22/2019
Lincoln Center 1/22/2019
CMEA, Broadmoor Hotel, Colorado Springs 1/24/2019
FRCC 1/25/2019
Red Fox Meadows 1/31/2019
McMahon Jujitsu 1/31/2019
Denver Aquarium 2/5/2019
Hearts and Horses 2/8/2019
Red Fox Meadows 2/19/2019
Villages on Horsetooth Apartments 2/19/2019
Realities for Children 2/26/2019
SAVA 2/28/2019
DH Wholesale Signs, Advanced Energy 2/28/2019
Red Fox Meadows 3/11/2019
library and ELC 4/1/2019
Rocky Mountain National Park 4/8/2019
Red Fox Meadows 4/15/2019
Red Fox Meadows 5/22/2019
Denver Mint & Capitol Building 5/7/2019
Veterinarian Teaching Hospital 2/28/2019
CSU Vet Hosptial 3/14/2019
Great Stupa, Red Feather 3/12/2018
Centennial HS 3/8/2019
The Growing Project 1502 N. Shields, Fort Collins, CO 4/5/2019
CSU Forest Service at 3843 Laporte Ave in Fort Collins 4/5/2019
Polaris ELS 5/16/2019
Poudre HS 4/24/2019
Denver, Wastewater Treatment and Riverbend Ponds 4/25/2019
Cinemark Theater and Avery Park 4/29/2019
FRCC 5/7/2019
AMC 6 Movie Theater and Rolland Moore Park 4/17/2019
McMahon JuJitzu 4/18/2019
Los Comales Taqueria 4/19/2019
Denver Mint and Capitol 5/14/2019
PSD does not unlawfully discriminate on the basis of race, color, creed, religion, national origin, ancestry, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, marital status, veteran status, age or disability in access or admission to, or treatment or employment in, its programs or activities. A lack of English speaking skills will not be a barrier to admission or participation.