Expeditionary Learning School

Data Snapshot

Due to the cancellation of state-wide testing in the spring of 2020, we do not have a 2020 and 2021 School Performance Framework to report on this year.  What we can provide is the  data from 2019...  

Each year the state of Colorado monitors the effectiveness of schools using achievement and growth data derived from CMAS results, ACT scores, dropout rates, and graduation rates. Using this data, the state evaluates the school's Achievement, Growth, Growth Gaps, and Post-secondary Readiness performance and gives each school a score on a scale from 1 - 100 on their individual School Performance Framework.  Our 2019 Polaris' School Performance Framework (SPF) status was at the Performance level, with an overall score of 76.2 points.  The state of Colorado considers Polaris one school serving students in grades K-12, therefore we receive one SPF report each year using data from all grade levels.  

Although Polaris is proud of our results on these traditional assessment measures, we also like to make other pieces of data available so that families can get a broader perspective on what we have to offer.  We invite you to have a glimpse at our 2019 Connections Survey results, this provides insights into how students in grades 4-12 fell about their connections to adults, peers, and interests.