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Medication, Health Care and Student Immunizations

Medications at School

Below are links to forms with important details regarding administration of medication to your student at school or on school sponsored activities.  These includes all of our Adventure, Intensive and Field Works activities.  Please read through the Guidelines for Completing PSD Medication Authorization & Release Forms document.(See Link Below) Then complete the appropriate form(s) prior to bringing medications to the health office. 

Please Note: The PSD considers all of the following a Medication and requires one of the following medication authorization forms completed for each medication.

  • Any and all prescribed medications
  • Any and all over the counter (OTC) medications
  • Any and all supplements, homeopathic/herbal supplements, cough drops, vitamins, etc

If you have a question regarding a medication, please contact our Health Office at 970.488.8268

In the Documents section are links to Poudre School District (PSD) Authorization Release to Administer Medication to Student at School or School Sponsored Activity, and Self Carry Forms for general medications, Self Carry Forms for students with medications to treat asthma or allergies and, Epi Pen Guidelines (This form should be included with the asthma or allergy form)  Again, specific questions should be directed to the Health Office, 970.488.8268

Health Care

Our school is fortunate to have an experienced full-time Health Technician on staff as well as a school district Registered Nurse who visits weekly to address student health care as needed.  If your student has specific health care needs, daily medication, or a chronic medical condition that requires supervision, please be sure to include this information when you register your student for school or as a change in your student's health is discovered.  For certain medical conditions a Health Care Action Plan (HCAP) may be deemed necessary by your physician and the school district.  A meeting with our school R.N. may be scheduled as health conditions dictate.

Below are links to PSD documents that address the most common questions we receive regarding health issues.

When to Keep My Child Home

Guideline For Treating Head Lice

Checklist For Treating Head Lice

Food Allergies, 1st Day of School Checklist

Student Immunization Information

See the link below for new procedure and information from the Colorado Department of Health & Environment regarding immunization & exemptions for the 2022 - 2023 school year. 

Colorado Department of Health & Environment Immunization & Exemption Guidelines, April 2016