Expeditionary Learning School

Intensives and Adventure

At the secondary level, the students and staff at Polaris take three weeks per school year to get out of their regular class schedules in order to participate in Intensive Weeks. During these weeks students are presented with several options to choose from. Local experiences during these weeks are called Intensives, the more elaborate experiences that may include overnight stays, out of state travel, or day trips to ski resorts are called Adventure Trips.

The goal of these opportunities can fall into many categories. Some experiences provide helpful information about varying career fields in order to support post-secondary readiness, others may involve building community connections through service learning, and some may challenge students academically or physically.

To fund the local Intensive experiences we ask that families pay a $125 Activity Fee per enrolled student at the beginning of the year. These funds help pay for materials during Intensives like glass blowing or cooking. Additionally, the funds can assist in providing services from local experts, like musicians to help out with a music Intensive. These fees can also offset the cost of transportation and entry fees to museums or theatres. Once a family contributes the $125 Activity Fee, there are no other fees required for Intensive experiences.

The Adventure Trips are funded through a “menu” option. Each trip costs a unique amount due to what the experience entails. Traveling to Heifer International’s “Global Village” in Perryville, Arkansas involves quite a bit of traveling as well as a fee that must be paid to Heifer International for the experience. Other trips that may be closer, and not require a fee other than a camping permit, would be less expensive. Thus far we have been able to provide an Adventure Trip each for every student that has expressed an interest in one. These trips are highly desirable but NOT required.

Please read the following links for examples of past trips and their costs, the system we use to prioritize Intensive and Adventure selections, and the “basic” gear list for Adventure Trips.